Viral Video: Kamala Harris Tells Her Niece She Can Be President One Day

“But you have to be over the age of 35.”

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo
Kamala Harris talks to grand-niece

As we’re busy continually refreshing our internet browsers for updates on election results, there is at least a delightful and welcome distraction in the form of a super cute viral video. The video in question? An adorable, yet poignant, interaction between Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris and her four-year-old great-niece. The viral video is blowing up on the internet for a good reason.

The video was posted by Meena Harris, Kamala’s niece. Kamala tells Meena’s daughter in the heart-swelling video that she “could be president” one day, albeit with a small caveat: “you have to be over the age of 35.” The message is an important moment that resonates as more than just words of encouragement between family members. But it’s especially resonant since Kamala Harris could, and likely will, be the first woman V.P. and the first Black and South Asian-American V.P. to hold office.

Meena Harris commented on the video with an important bit of clarification, “For context my daughter wants to be both president and an astronaut.” And hey, this could very well be possible. Astronaut Mike Kelly just won his Senate race in Arizona, becoming the fourth astronaut to be elected to Congress. Harris’ video has gone viral with more than 44,000 likes on Twitter at the time of this article was published, and many commenters have shared their optimism and stories in the social media thread. Taylor Richardson, a 17-year-old activist, and fellow aspiring astronaut commented, “And she will!”

Denise Cartwright shared her support and the time her young son met Harris when she was running for Senate, writing, “Well thanks to Auntie, she has shown millions of children that they can be president one day. My son met @SenKamalaHarris when he was 7 during her run for the Senate. Her words left a lasting impression on him. He says, ‘My friend Kamala makes the world safe for children.’”