Jason Sudeikis Takes His 4-Year-Old on Space Mountain, Doesn’t Go Well

Just because a kid is tall enough to ride a roller coaster doesn't mean they should.

by Raz Robinson
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Just because a kid is tall enough to ride a roller coaster doesn’t mean they should. That’s the lesson actor Jason Sudeikis learned when he took his four-year-old son to ride Space Mountain — among the most categorically terrifying rides at Disneyland. He told Jimmy Kimmel the story last night and admitted that, well, it may not have been his best idea.

It started when Sudeikis, his wife Olivia Wilde, and a handful of their friends took his son Otis to Disneyland for his fourth birthday. They started small with Splash Mountain and a few other rides. Otis was into it. He particularly enjoyed Splash Mountain, which to be fair is at least kind of scary, and it got Sudeikis and his wife thinking. Actually, as he put it: They “got cocky” and decided to go big.

“He’s thinking mountain ‘great, I got that.’ Space? ‘Hell yeah, I love space more than splash. Let’s do it!’ Sudeikis recounted.

The only problem was that Sudeikis made one massive miscalculation ⏤ he forgot that Space Mountain is set entirely in the dark. So while his son was totally able the deal with Splash Mountain, being whipped around in total darkness is really scary for a little kid. He proceeded to show the audience a picture of his son “holding on for dear life” while on the ride, quipping: “This is like the opening of Saving Private Ryan for this kid.”