Husband Double Fists While Watching Wife in the Olympics

This is emotional support in its purest form.

by Raz Robinson
Originally Published: 

While Canadian Olympic curler Rachel Homan competed in a 9 AM match against Japan at this year’s Winter Olympics, her husband showed that emotional support comes in all shapes and sizes. Shawn Germain was caught on camera double-fisting some ice cold beers during Homan’s event, because he’s perfected the role of Nervous Olympic Husband.

Hammering down a drink – or four – is a perfectly acceptable way to one’s calm one’s nerves, especially when you’re drinking for two people. While Homan stayed laser-focused on the ice, Germain could be seen leaving his seat to go grab another batch of cold ones, despite the early start time of the event.

As a former professional hockey player, Germain knows all about the pressure that comes with participating in high level events. You could excuse him for indulging into some frosty ones, especially once you acknowledge, as he did in a now-deleted tweet, that the couple hails from a big-drinking country: “You can judge all you want. The stress level is high, I’m not a drunk, I’m just Canadian.”

Despite the eyes temporarily shifting onto Germain, the real stars of the day where Homan and her teammates: Canada toppled Japan on the day, no small feat given the latter country’s status as the number two curling team in the Olympics. However, Germain may have to buy his wife a couple of frosty ones of her own, as Homan was eventually eliminated from the games, becoming the first Canadian skipper to leave the Olympics without at least a bronze medal in 20 years.

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