How to Microwave a 25-Pound Turkey is a Great Thanksgiving Day Prank

Mom knows best.

by Amanda Tarlton

“How long do you microwave a 25-pound turkey for?” That’s what people are asking their parents in a prank that’s going viral on social media. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, moms and dads everywhere are falling for the question, and the hilarious responses are being shared on Twitter with the hashtag #25lbturkeychallenge.

Most parents have been concerned, questioning how their kids would even fit a 25-pound turkey in a regular microwave and whether or not it would end up dangerously undercooked. Others were almost offended that they were being asked such a ridiculous question. And still others have actually provided their own questionable recipes for a microwaveable Thanksgiving.

While there are thousands worth reading on Twitter, we’ve rounded up some of the best responses below.

Mom of Lindsay Kerr was one of the parents who really took her daughter’s question seriously, warning her “you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Another user’s mom was so horrified by the question, she clapped back with a snarky, “I don’t know Michael. How long does it take for you to stop being a huge disappointment?”

And yet another user got way more information than she had hoped for when her mom even called the local Walmart’s meat section to ask their advice.

But of all the responses we’ve seen, Mikayla Emmert’s father had the one that’s the most “dad.” He starts off seemingly serious, but then quips, “Call the fire department when you see smoke coming out of the window… Then go to Chili’s or Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and brag about your success.”

The general consensus? Don’t do it. But for anyone who really does want to microwave their holiday bird, Butterball Turkey has chimed in on the challenge, offering to walk you through the process of cooking a 12-pound turkey if you call their customer service line.