This Artist’s Realistic Rendering of Homer Simpson Is a Nightmare

You may want to bleach your eyes after this.

by Raz Robinson
@Itsmiketheboxer Twitter

Outside of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, perhaps no animated character is more recognizable than dimwitted dad and donut enthusiast, Homer Simpson. Nearly everyone is familiar with Homer’s giant eyes, five o’clock shadow, and eternally-receding hairline. But fans of The Simpsons may be shocked to see Artist Miguel Vasquez’s interpretation of the character decided to use used his 3D design skills to draw a rendering of Homer Simpson as an actual human being and the result is genuinely horrifying.

Vasquez is based in Ontario, California and has become well known for doing hyper-realistic portraits of well known animated characters. His most famous project was the realistic rendering of Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star, which was a terrible re-imagining of the two beloved cartoon characters.

The funny thing about cartoons is that by design, they’re allowed to be over the top and Vasquez uses turns that concept on its head for maximum shock. Rather than try to make the characters look nice, Vasquez steers into what makes each character unique and plays it up to highlight the absurdity features that are seen as normal in the world of animation. Consequently, the results are the types of things you really wish you could unsee, but can’t stop staring at.

For the imagining of Homer Simpson in real life, Vasquez traded out his classic white shirt for a grey polo but kept the awkward oval shape of his head, giant eyes, and most notably, his enormous lips. It’s strange because even though Homer has been TV’s most popular dad for nearly three decades, we rarely consider the fact that the shape of Homer’s mouth doesn’t make any sense. Seeing his eyes bulging out his head and his giant lips on a real person might forever change the way you view The Simpsons. Have fun trying to go to sleep after looking into those soulless eyes for more than a few seconds.