Hilarious Video Shows the Chaos That Occurs When Parents Take Their Eyes Off Their Kids For a Second

Parental supervision required.

by Amanda Tarlton
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In a video posted to Reddit, a mom learns why parents can never let young kids out of their sight—even for 10 seconds. That’s how long it takes the older daughter to get into trouble when her mom briefly takes her eyes off the toddler. While the mother of two has her back turned, the young girl grabs the garage door and holds on as it opens, leaving her hanging in mid-air.

Caught on a home security camera, the 33-second clip starts with the family returning from a walk. The mom leaves her younger child in the stroller and their dog in the driveway while she punches in the garage code. When the baby starts getting restless, the mom turns away from the garage—and her older daughter, who takes the opportunity to ride the opening door all the way to the top. Fortunately, once the unsuspecting mom realizes what’s going on, she’s able to rush back to grab the toddler before she gets hurt.

Posted to Reddit by user @431MM, the video already has over 2,200 comments so far. Many confessed they thought the baby or the dog were going to be the culprits (“I thought the little girl in the stroller was going to grab the dog’s lead who, upon seeing a squirrel, would take her on a wild pram ride around the neighborhood”), while others shared their own funny stories of kids getting into trouble behind their parents’ backs.

One user summed it up perfectly with this response: “When [kids] say ‘Hey, Dad! Look what I can do.’ It’s the child’s equivalent of ‘Hold my beer.'”

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