Hilarious Video Compares Parenting During Summer in 80s vs. Today and It’s So Accurate

Things sure were simpler before there were 17 varieties of alternative milk.

by Catherine Santino
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Collage of scenes from a video that is comparing parenting during summer in 80s vs today

Before the age of parenting blogs, summertime was a lot simpler for families. Kids roamed free in their neighborhood streets, pool safety was lax, and no one judged a mom who only remembered to slather their children in sunscreen once a day. But in 2019, parents have become substantially more…involved. Meredith Masony of That’s Inappropriate recently shared a video comparing summer moms in the 1980s versus today, and the result is hilariously on point.

In the clip shared to the That’s Inappropriate Facebook page, Masony portrays the 80s mom who feeds her kids Pop-Tarts for breakfast, gives out ice pops like they’re going out of style, and insists that baby oil is far superior to sunscreen. The video then cuts between Masony and Tiffany Jenkins (of Juggling the Jenkins), who represents the hyperaware, health-conscious moms of today.

“I’ve been reviewing all of the sunscreens and it looks like SPF 1,000 is gonna be our safest bet,” she says while slathered in lotions. Later, she announces it’s “essential oil time”, which will, of course, be followed by a sound bath. Meanwhile, Masony’s character barely knows where her kids are.

The hilarious video quickly went viral and has already racked up 6.4 million views and 16,685 shares. Clearly, parents are relating to the parenting tropes and how they’ve evolved over the years, for better or for worse. However, the clip ends with both moms reminding their kids to shut the front door after they leave, insinuating that at its core, parenthood hasn’t really changed all that much.

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