What’s the Best Halloween Candy Ever? The Debate Is Getting Nasty Online

There's still over a month until the holiday, but that hasn't stopped Twitter from passionately debating Halloween candies.


For once, there’s a Halloween controversy that’s actually fun and not about someone using the holiday as an excuse to wear a “politically incorrect” (read: racist) costume. No, this controversy is about that other pillar of the holiday: Halloween candy.

It all started when Liz Dueweke, an anchor at Seattle’s local Fox affiliate, posed a question to her Twitter followers. Which of six of the most common Halloween options would you eliminate forever?

Trick-or-treaters and their parents who, let’s face it, deserve to steal a piece or two of candy are at the mercy of their neighbors when it comes to what kind of candy they get on Halloween night. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions, and plenty of folks—the Tweet currently has over 38,000 replies—chimed in with their opinions.

A few misguided souls decided that Reese’s—a perfectly balanced combination of two of God’s greatest gifts to mankind—deserved the axe.

Plain M&M’s were a popular answer, with more than one person pointing out that peanut M&M’s are head and shoulders above their plain brethren.

Others found that Milky Way, an aggressively bland candy that turns into a chewy lump in your mouth, was the clear loser.

There are even people out there who would ditch Snickers over Milky Way, despite the fact that a Snickers bar is like a Milky Way with peanuts that improve both taste and texture.

Even Twix, a perfectly fine if simplistic candy bar, earned the opprobrium of some. Why? Your guess is as good as ours.

Even the delightful crunchy experience of a Kit Kat bar was hated by some. Gimme a break.

The debate will rage on, but we hope there’s one thing we can all agree on: Mounds are absolutely wretched.