This Girl Trained Her Bird to Attack Her Enemies

Don't mess with her unless you want a face full of feathers.


Kids have a way of hurting people, but most of the time it’s accidental. Your son didn’t mean to wreck your foot when he left Legos on the ground. And your daughter didn’t mean to break your heart when she said your brother was a better dad than you.

It’s when kids learn to wreak havoc on purpose — an adolescent waging emotional warfare — that they get really scary. And if they learn how to direct animals to do their bidding? That’s more of a horror movie-level of fear than growing pains, and we now have evidence that it can happen.

A video posted to Twitter by user @Apex_sH shows his niece standing on a mattress with her bird, an orange, yellow, and green creature, perched on the edge of the headboard. The little girl says something unintelligible but nevertheless cute-sounding as she turns to face the camera.

What happens next is definitely not cute.

Out of nowhere, the little girl lets out a piercing scream while looking at whoever is filming the video. The bird alights off the headboard and flies with reckless abandon into the camera, knocking it to the ground. It’s as if the animal has been trained to attack its owner’s enemies, a particularly frightening prospect when its owner is an adorable little girl who looks quite harmless.

The four-second video has amassed over 832,000 likes, 290,000 retweets and a staggering 8.68 million-plus views. It’s one of those things you can watch over and over again without it getting old.

The replies were also entertaining, with plenty of users sharing what the girl and her bird reminded them of.

The Avengers, Shrek, Game of Thrones, and Home Alone 2? If this girl doesn’t enter a coven maybe she’ll make it in Hollywood when she grows up.