Father and Son Go Viral With Delightful Rendition of a Queen Classic

They have a good time, good time.

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Maggie Smith-Morgan/Facebook

Karaoke night may not be happening any time soon, but Douglas and Brayden Morgan are keeping their skills sharp. In a now-viral video, the father-son duo sings Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” really, really well. Freddie Mercury would be proud.

Beyond their impressive vocal performances on a demanding song, the thing that sticks out about the video — and, we suspect, the major reason it became so popular — is how happy both father and son look throughout their rendition. When they’re not singing, they’re smiling, particularly during the epic air guitar solo.

Maggie Smith-Morgan, the matriarch of the family, posted the video, which was recorded in the family’s Brick Township, New Jersey living room for an online open mic competition. In the caption, she wrote about how quarantining together had inspired this bout of musical excellence.

“What do you do when your locked at home…you sing! A video of my boys that I will cherish forever. So special. And yes, my kids favorite band has and probably always will be, Queen.” (Speaking of Queen, the band’s official Facebook page reposted the video much, we can only imagine, to Brayden’s delight.)

In a follow-up comment, Smith-Morgan thanked everyone for watching, sharing, and commenting on her video, a group that in

“Brayden is truly an amazing kid and his dream is to share his music! He is getting such a kick out of all this and so much confidence reading all of these comments and seeing the reaction.”

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