Everything You Need to Know About the Almond Milk Recall

Fortunately, this recall is slightly less dangerous than the others.

by Raz Robinson
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There’s a new addition to the latest string of food recalls gripping the US, but unlike the others, this one has nothing to do with salmonella. Rather the newest recall can be traced back to an unfortunate cross contamination with dairy. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, HP Hood LLC, the maker of Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Breeze almond milk has recalled over 140,000 half-gallon cartons of the product due to fears that it was contaminated with regular dairy milk.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the dairy milk that was accidentally mixed in with the almond milk, HP Food still went through with the voluntary recall because for some people milk is an allergen that can cause discomfort when ingested. There has been only one reported case of this since the recall, but it didn’t require any hospitalization. Still, HP Food is choosing to play it safe and not risk upsetting customers who are expecting a dairy-free milk experience.

The cartons that have been contaminated with milk are supposed to have a use by date of September 2nd, 2018. Beyond that, not every state was affected. The recall is limited Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

If you believe that your milk has been contaminated, you can contact Blue Diamond or simply return it to the place you bought it from. As of right now, there is still no actual explanation for how the cross-contamination actually happened.

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