Every Parent Will Relate to This Viral Video of a Girl Giving Her Dad the Hand

Talk to the hand.

by Amanda Tarlton

A video of a girl giving her dad the hand went viral on Twitter Tuesday night, when Ellie Delgado was captured on camera brushing off a man at a GOP watch party for Dan Crenshaw on Election Day. Clearly offended, the 17-year-old throws up her hand and storms off, leaving Twitter users to wonder: Who was the mystery man—and what did he say?

Posted late Tuesday night by user @gina_lolz, the video was captioned, “TWITTER please find this girl I have to know what that guy said to her.” Of course, Twitter had a lot of thoughts as to what the man said that was so deserving of the hand. “He said he liked pineapple on pizza,” one user posted. Another quipped, “The Star Wars prequels were actually pretty good … better than the Disney ones!”

Delgado, a high school student from Houston, finally set the record straight on Wednesday afternoon, tweeting, “It’s just my dad…chill.” She then addressed the big question of what exactly her dad said: “lol hi it’s just my dad talking about a woman he wants to date.”

Apparently, her response was normal behavior, too. The teen told Buzzfeed, “I have reactions like that to him a lot. He’s a funny guy with a lot to say.”

Posted late Tuesday night by @gina_lolz, the video already has over 16.2 million views and 49,000 retweets so far on Twitter. Even Dan Crenshaw himself, the Republican candidate who was elected to the Texas Second Congressional District, chimed in, tweeting, “I have to admit, this might be one of my favorite things from our election night party…”