Watch an Engineer’s Daughter Make a Boring YouTube Tutorial Extremely Not Boring

You know what makes a dry instructional video a lot more interesting? A bouncy toddler asking for dad's help with a boo-boo.

by Raz Robinson

An engineering tutorial about the inner workings of a trochoid pump is probably not be the most riveting content on YouTube. Chances are you don’t even know — or care — what a trochoid pump is. However, thanks to an unexpected visit from his daughter, this dad’s instructional video turned into a must-watch.

The video comes courtesy of the Youtube channel AvE, where Canadian father Piet Hein posts videos about everything from engineering to his opinions on the viability of Bitcoin. About halfway through his take on trochoid pumps, however, Hein’s daughter walks in going “I got an ouch ouch.” That’s when it gets good.

Off-camera, a concerned Hein can be heard kissing his daughters injury, before she asks him about the pump on the table. In true dad fashion, Hein dives into a short–albeit dry–explanation, before realizing his daughter is more preoccupied with her hurt thumb than the trochoid pump. Hein goes on to wrap her thumb in some engineering tape, before the pair finishes re-assembling the pump together. In true, adorable child fashion, his daughter proudly shows off her thumb to camera: “Look at my Band-Aid, boys and girls!”

Usually, a video on Hein’s channel will get around 200,000 views, but this latest one has grabbed ahold of the internet’s imagination, pushing it close to the one-million mark. A father-daughter engineering show might just be what Hein needs to take the whole operation to another level. Not to mention, it would be an aggressively cute way to get kids into STEM learning.