Canadian TV Cut Donald Trump Out of ‘Home Alone 2’ And Don Jr. Is Pissed

But you can still see the unabridged version of the film on Disney+/

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Donald Trump is a lot of things but a great actor is not one of them. A perusal of his IMDB page reveals a smattering of appearances in movies and TV shows starting in the late ’80s, from Spin City to Zoolander. Trump also shows up in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York to offer directions to Kevin McCallister, a guest at The Plaza, which Trump owned at the time.

But you might not know that if you’ve only seen the film on Canadian television in the last five years. Along with other footage, Trump’s scene was cut when the film was adapted for television. It’s a standard practice that predates Trump’s 2016 campaign, the CBC’s head of public affairs was forced to explain.

We say “forced” because some of the president’s perpetually aggrieved supporters see the move as a slap in the face despite all of the evidence to the contrary. No less a Trump surrogate than the president’s eldest son called the move “pathetic” on Twitter.

To his credit, the president didn’t seem to get as bent out of shape as Don Jr., who always seems to be trying to get his dad’s attention.

Trump has, as recently as Christmas Eve, referenced his role in the movie. In a teleconference with troops around the world, he (of course) said, “Well, I’m in Home Alone 2, and a lot of people mention it every year, especially around Christmas.”

“It’s been a good movie and I was a little bit younger, to put it mildly, and it was an honor to do it,” he continued.

If you’re dying to watch the unedited cut of Home Alone 2, it’s available on Disney+. And if you want to see Trump’s greatest onscreen triumph, check out his appearance as rich kid Waldo’s dad in The Little Rascals.

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