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Denzel Washington Curing Erectile Dysfunction Is Probably Fake News

If the rumors are true, The Equalizer might have found the perfect erect-ilizer. Apparently, the star of Equalizer 2 teamed up with a daytime television host Dr. Phil to concoct a cheaper, effective alternative to other commercial erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra and Cialis.

There’s not a lot of information out about Washington and Dr. Phil’s supplement except that it is called Testo Rev and that it can boost testosterone, increase your energy, make your workouts sessions better, and give you a raging equalizer. And do it better than any other available pill or supplement.

One website, socialnewsdaily, reports that the supposed cure to penile woes is “90% cheaper and 5 times more effective than others on the market.” Which allegedly has larger pharmaceutical companies concerned with men’s erectile health in a fit, though Fatherly has been unable to confirm this.

Further down the rabbit hole of miracle supplements connected to Denzel Washington, the actor was once also said to have strongly endorsed the  ‘intelligence boosting’ supplements BrainPlus IQ, and Alpha ZXT, which were said to help increase brain power. The fact-checking site, Snopes, called out Washington’s endorsement as a fabricated advertising ploy.

Whether or not the mysterious Testo Rev is, in fact, backed by Dr. Phil and Denzel Washington one thing is clear: Denzel’s star power is still a selling force products want behind them. The actor surprised experts over the weekend by bringing in enough of a large enough audience to Equalizer 2 to beat out the musical sequel Mama Mia 2 proving that the man whose face was celebrated in the Salt-n-Pepa song ‘Whatta Man’, still has it, and can muster up all the charm and charisma needed to bring audiences in.

So Denzel Washington’s star is as bright as ever, it’s just not clear if he can help you with your erections.