Delivery Bars in China Let Men Simulate Labor Pains

Their reactions are priceless.

by Amanda Tarlton
Carl Zha/Twitter

Men who have ever wondered what giving birth feels like can now experience it for themselves at “Delivery Bar” in China. At the shopping mall kiosk, men are strapped to machines that simulate the pain of labor and contractions.

Twitter user Carl Zha shared a few clips of men’s reactions. “Popularity of the ‘Delivery Bar’ in China: Screams of adult men echo thru the shopping mall,” he wrote. “For some reasons, men after experiencing labor pain become very emotional.”

In the videos, the men, who have a padded strap around their torso holding them down, shriek in obvious pain as electrodes on their abdomen recreate the feeling of childbirth. In the background, onlookers stare and laugh in amusement.

Most men in the comments said that trying it out for themselves would be a “hard pass.” One joked, “They need to make a machine where women can experience the pain of being punched or kicked in the balls.”

It’s not the first time that men have tried to understand how painful giving birth really is. A company in Bristol offers a “Labor Pain Experience,” where men carry around a weighted bump before being hooked up to a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine that produces shocks similar to contractions.

Kristen Bell even joined in on the trend last fall when she put Ellen executive producer Andy Lassner through a similarly unpleasant process on her web series, “Momsplaining.” Lassner admitted afterward that he now has a lot more respect for women who have given birth.