Daughter Mortified After Dad Spots Lube in Her Photo with Boyfriend

To make matters worse, the lube was in the "Saucy Strawberry" flavor.

by Catherine Santino
Twitter / @_k3lsxo

Try to imagine the most mortifying thing that could happen between parent and child. Okay, now multiply that by one billion. That’s basically what 22-year-old Kelsey and her father are dealing with after an embarrassing selfie incident. Kelsey and her boyfriend were enjoying a vacation together when they decided to send a seemingly innocent mirror selfie to her parents. What they didn’t realize, however, was that a bottle of lube was in full view on the vanity in front of them. Noooo. No. No. No.

Kelsey has since shared her text exchange with her mom on Twitter, along with the selfie in question. “Dad said the pics r lovely, nice durex bottle,” her mother replied, in reference to the bottle of Saucy Strawberry flavored (yikes) lubricant on the table. Kelsey tried to play it off all cool at first, insisting that it was her boyfriend Elliot’s “knee cream”, but her eagle-eyed father zoomed in on the picture to get confirmation.

Kelsey finally admitted the truth about the bottle’s contents, and then probably nearly perished of embarrassment. Regardless, it looks like she still maintains a sense of humor about the whole thing. “Sorry dad,” she tweeted with the screenshots. “Will not be sending more holiday pics in a hurry x.”

Her tweet has received 4,482 retweets and 52,962 likes, and a slew of replies and comments. “Aw man you can’t come home from that holiday,” one user said. “She should know by now that dads with daughters are like the FBI,” said another.

Truer words have never been spoken.