Dad Dresses as VSCO Girl for Halloween, TikTok Fame Follows

This guy makes parenting look fun.


“VSCO girl” is a piece of internet culture that’s going to pass most parents by even if their teenage daughter suddenly starts rocking Birkenstocks and a Fjällräven, snapping photos on a Fujifilm Instax, sipping water out of a Hydro Flask, and, of course, posting photos to Instagram heavily edited in the photo editing app that gives the phenomenon its name.

But one dad in Kansas is particularly plugged into the phenomenon, to the point where he decided to dress up as a VSCO girl for Halloween. He and his wife, who was dressed as an eboy, a sullen, black-clad teenage boy that’s the mirror image of a VSCO girl, made videos naturally posted to TikTok.

The first video shows the couple in their normal parent clothes before a smash cut to their new threads. Dad’s VSCO girl outfit: neon crocs with white Nike socks, black leggings, a “Skip a Straw Save a Turtle” oversized T-shirt, puka shell necklace, and lots of scrunchies.

In another video, the couple is shown embodying the attitudes of their new identities. Dad is perky and smiling while mom rolls her eyes and looks bored. It’s not just dressing with these two; it’s acting.

In the third video, dad drops a scrunchy and says a bunch of slang that we’re too old to comprehend as mom looks on, stone-faced.

Tiktok user its_.me_.bish is the lucky daughter of these parents and the one who posted these incredible videos. And while we’re agnostic about the VSCO girl phenomenon, we’re always in favor of parents willing to be a bit ridiculous to keep their kids entertained, particularly teenagers who aren’t the easiest people in the world to connect with.