Viral Video Shows Dad Pretending to Get His Shots to Make His Daughter Less Afraid

This is seriously brilliant.


Parents who amble into the wrong corners of the internet will find a lot of fearmongering nonsense from anti-vaxxers that goes against the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence. Of course, once you’ve made the correct decision to vaccinate your kid, you’ll probably be confronted with a fear you shouldn’t simply ignore: their fear of needles.

In a video posted by Reddit user u/natsdorf that’s since gone viral, one dad shows the clever way he found to put his young daughter at ease on a trip to the doctor’s office to get not one but two shots.

The clip shows an objectively adorable little girl sitting in her dad’s lap on a doctor’s table, the kind with the crinkly paper. He tells her to look away as the nurse, who gamely plays along, “injects” his right arm before injecting hers.

“One in for dad, ready? Your turn, ready?” she says.

“Man that thing hurt a little bit, huh?” Dad says after his daughter gets her first shot, signaling to her that even grown-ups don’t like getting shots.

The nurse goes around to the other arm, and the little girl follows her, trying to see her dad get the second shot. The cameraperson wisely distracts her so she doesn’t get wise to the ruse. Another “injection” for her dad and an injection for her and they’re all done.

Dad and daughter flex their muscles at the end, signaling that her body is stronger thanks to the vaccine and their bond is stronger thanks to what can only be called a brilliant parenting move.

Because the only thing smarter than getting your kids vaccinated is getting your kid vaccinated in a way that isn’t traumatic.