This Dad Knows His Daughter’s Entire Cheer Routine, and He’s Not Shy About It

Not every middle-aged dad has moves this good.

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Scott Willard/Facebook

Most parents support their kids’ passions, whether it’s picking them up from soccer practice, helping to build sets for the school play, or taking them to a Taylor Swift concert. But one dad’s dedication went above and beyond, as a particularly wonderful video that’s making the rounds on Facebook demonstrates.

The York High School Falcons football team was playing Warhill High School, which means the York cheer team was on the sidelines, doing its part to keep the crowd’s energy up. One person they didn’t have to worry about psyching up? Hekili Holland, the father of one of their members who impressively performed the routine along with the team.

In a now-viral video shot and shared by Scott Willard, father of one of York’s football players, Holland is seen jumping up and down in the stands as the cheerleaders runs along the track. It looks a bit odd as they assemble in front of his section—Holland’s form is impressively tight and seems practiced—but it’s not until the routine itself starts that this video becomes truly delightful.

Holland proceeds to cheer along with the team with a level of precision that suggests he definitely practiced this. He nails the jumps, the pumps, and, most impressively, the kicks in the right side of the video, and you can see the team performing the exact same moves at the exact same time on the left side of the frame.

And beyond the crispness of his performance, what’s also striking about the video is how into it this dad is. He finishes the routine and is clearly jacked up, whooping and hollering, turning to the fans around him and pumping his arm in the air with emphatic force.

The video ends with Holland pointing down onto the track at his daughter, whose likely some mixture of touched and mortified by her dad’s performance and the fact that over three million people have watched it on Facebook.

And while any teenaged embarrassment she’s feeling will fade, it’s clear from this clip that her dad’s devotion to her isn’t going anywhere.

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