Having a Kid This Year? Here’s What the COVID Relief Bill Means for You

New, or expectant, parents can still qualify for a dependent stimulus checks and the child tax credit. Here's how to get them.

A pregnant woman in a mask has a yellow blanket on her lap

Joe Biden is scheduled to sign his COVID relief package tomorrow, a law that will put billions of dollars directly into Americans’ pockets through extended unemployment benefits, a third stimulus payment, and a dramatic expansion of the child tax credit. The latter two pay out more money to parents because they provide money to Americans on a per-dependent basis. But what if you’re going to become pregnant in 2021, or are pregnant but haven’t yet given birth by the time the checks are disbursed? You can still get in on the money — here’s how.

Parents-to-Be In 2021 Are Still Eligible for Stimulus Checks, the Child Tax Credit

what parents who had kids in 2020 went through

Here’s How Parents-To-Be Can Get The Stimulus Checks, CTC Money They’re Owed

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