Costco Is Bringing Back Its Beloved Giant Teddy Bear This Fall

Be on the lookout for the eight-foot-tall bear's illustrious return.

by Raz Robinson
Originally Published: 

Kids love teddy bears of all different shapes and sizes. That’s no secret. If you’re looking for a stuffed bear that’s loved by all, however, look no further than Costco’s famous giant teddy bear. Measuring in at about eight feet tall, the bear – which first went on sale in 2014 – has become something of an international and internet sensation. Luckily for fans, this large boy is set to make a comeback this fall

Costco’s giant bear probably the only stuffed animal famous enough to get its very own Wikipedia page, Instagram, and Facebook profile. Part of that might be the fact that it’s available around the globe. Inside of Costco Japan, a subsidiary of Costco US, hundreds of Japanese fans have stopped by to grab a selfie with the giant bear.

While no one knows exactly how much the bear will be sold for once it makes its comeback, Costco sold a 4-foot version of the bear for $24.99 back in October. Still, as the popularity of the large toy rises, so does its value as a collector’s item. Some of the giant bears have been sold online for as much as $300 on eBay.

More than a few people have also removed all the fluff to wear the bear as a costume, given its size. That’s a pretty awesome idea, although maybe better is using the hollowed out bear to scare the crap out of your friends and family. As one can imagine, the prank applications of a giant bear costume are almost endless.

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