Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram Roasts John Legend With ‘Arthur’ Memes

This is marriage at its most exceptional.

by Raz Robinson
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Twitter @sowahblanket

There are few things worse than everyone realizing that you look a lot like an animal or a certain celebrity. Unsurprisingly, it just becomes a thing to note everytime people talk about how you look. Beyond that, once you realize that Michael B. Jordan looks like an otter, or that the guy who played Jacob in Twilight resembles a shaved alpaca, it’s hard to see much else. Something similar happened when the internet realized that singer John Legend looks like the children’s television character Arthur last year, and now his wife Chrissy Teigen has spent an entire weekend roasting him for it on social media.

It’s actually pretty fitting that Teigen is using Arthur memes to clown her husband who looks exactly like Arthur. According to Know Your Meme, Arthur memes have been floating around for the last five years or so, but the most popular is easily Arthur’s Fist meme, which being that it displays a small cartoon fist, is a hilarious yet generally subversive way to poke fun at someone’s outrage.

But Teigen didn’t leave it at the fist. She upped the roast when she posted a picture of her daughter Luna holding an Arthur stuffed animal with the caption “Luna and daddy.” But the post that may take the cake was one that showed an artist’s rendering of Arthur and her husband as the exact same person.

Fortunately for Legend, the internet wasn’t happy just helping Teigen give him a hard time. They eventually they found a clever way to compare her to Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Now, that is inarguably a much less flattering comparison, but Teigen took it in stride and posted it anyway.

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