Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Explains How Her Parents Figured Out She Was Having Sex

The only thing better than her one-word reply was her tongue-in-cheek follow-up.


The wrong way to find out your teenaged son or daughter is having sex is insistently on accompanying them to the doctor and demanding to know that information. In other words, pulling a T.I.

That said, there’s probably not a right way for a parent to react to this news, as every situation is different. And judging by the replies to a now-viral tweet, there are tons of ways in which it actually goes down.

(No, we don’t get the GIF either).

It’s interesting to read through and see how people answered her question. The most notable reply was from Chrissy Teigen, model, TV host, and all-around celebrity personality.

Teigen followed up with another tweet that was somehow even more tongue-in-cheek than the first one.

But Teigen’s was far from the only memorable reply. Plenty of people have parents who, instead of feeling possessive over their kids’ sex lives, were able to crack a joke.

Our hearts go out to the parents who found out their kids were sexually active and were about to become parents at the same time. That’s just a ton of news to absorb in one moment.

There’s plenty of replies in which the parents were judgmental, possessive, or even cruel, but we’d rather focus on this one, which is pretty much exactly how every parent should react to this particular piece of news.