Bill Burr Wishes People Stopped Pretending They Change When They Have Kids

Once a jerk, always a jerk.

by Amanda Tarlton
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Bill Burr in a purple sweater at Late Night with Seth Meyers

From spanking to yelling at other peoples’ kids, Bill Burr isn’t afraid to take a controversial stance on anything, particularly when it comes to parenting. And on Tuesday night’s airing of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the 50-year-old comedian was back at it with his latest bout of advice for parents: to stop pretending they’ve changed after having kids.

“I hate those people that have kids and then they become this new person,” Burr explained, adding, “They pretend like they weren’t this guy doing keg stands and driving drunk or whatever the hell you did.”

And when host Meyers asked if Burr’s newfound reflectiveness (he mentioned he was thinking of going to church again) was a result of becoming a dad, Burr responded, “I never had that moment. I was a jerk so I’m not going to try to become somebody I wasn’t.”

But no matter how offensive or out-there the stand-up comedian’s views can be, there is one part of parenting that Burr might agree with other dads on—and that’s protecting their daughters. Or what he calls “the ridiculous joy that comes with the balance of life, fear, and worry that happens the second you become a dad.”

“I became a dad late, at 48,” Burr said of Lola, his almost-two-year-old daughter who he is raising with his wife Nia Renee Hill. “I’ve gotta be there for at least 30 years to make sure she doesn’t marry a jerk. But then I can just kick off and that will be it!”

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