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These Are the Best Kid Signs From The Women’s March

At this weekend's march, the littlest protesters came out in full force.

This weekend marked the second annual women’s march. While the concrete attendance numbers for this year’s march have yet to be offcially calculated, there were estimated to be more than 200,000 people who marched in New York City, about 50,000 in San Francisco, and nearly half a million in Los Angeles. Not too shabby. During last year’s women’s march, more than 6 million women and allies collectively marched through more than 600 cities across the world; with the Washington DC march eclipsing attendance of the presidential inauguration that took place just one day before. Galvanized not just by the one-year anniversary of the Trump administration, this year the popularity of the #MeToo and #TimesUp Movements played a huge role in participation efforts. Among the marchers, as always, were a number of kids protesting shoulder-to-shoulder with parents and adults and armed with their own sense of right and wrong. They’re making it abundantly clear that the movement is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. These were some of our favorite tiny activists in attendance.

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A post shared by Edward Jimenez (@_edwardjimenez) on

Favorite picture of the weekend. Feminism isn’t only about equal pay, rights over our reproduction, or sexual harassment, it’s also about how women are perceived in the world. So kudos to the moms and dads out there raising their sons just like they would their daughters…to be good humans that show respect for others and themselves. My hope is that our next generation won’t be taught the same things mine was: that boys should “sow their wild oats” while girls have to protect their chastity, that boys can take their time growing up while girls are pressured to be serious about career and relationships at a young age, that boys are looked at as “the man” if they catch bodies but girls are given a scarlet letter, and that boys are entitled to what they want while girls have to accept our circumstances. So again this isn’t about getting a leg up on the male gender, it’s about creating equality and respect between the genders so that we are each perceived equally going forward…and who better to start this next chapter than our children ❤️

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