Here Are the 18 Best Jokes About the College Admissions Scam

A scandal this ridiculous gets the comedy treatment it deserves.

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The college admissions scandal that broke last week is the gift that keeps on giving. There’s the schadenfreude of seeing rich and powerful people finally get their richly deserved comeuppance for gaming the system, the genuine conversation that’s starting about how fucked up the college admissions process is even without crimes, and, of course, plenty of humor.

Because as grotesque as the story is, there’s no shortage of undeniably funny stuff about it, from the terrible Photoshop jobs to failsons subsequently embarrassing themselves to an amazing half a trillion dollar lawsuit. There’s plenty of inspiration for jokes from comedians professional and amateur. Here are our favorites.

Trauma Works As Well As Bribes

An Alternate Punishment

Becky Becomes an Adjective and a Verb

(Uncomfortable Smile)

Self-Deprecation: Always a Winner

Think of the Feds

A Rough Draft of the TV Movie

The Fargo Reunion Is Going to Be Awkward

If Only

It’s the Internet, So Dogs Got Involved

Hermoine Didn’t Bribe Her Way In

Art$ and Craft$

Chrissy Teigen Has a Master’s in Photoshop

The Scandal Will Be Memeified

Desperate Housewives Was a Documentary All Along

Mystery Solved

We’d Watch This Movie

And Finally, the Habsburgs Catch a Break

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