TikTok Of Appreciative Kid Receiving Terrible Christmas Gifts Goes Viral

From his reaction, you'd think a pinecone was a PS5.

kid gets bad Christmas gifts

Buffalo Bills cornerback Taron Johnson and his wife Myley have found a lot of success as online content creators, with 2.2 million followers on TikTok alone. Their three kids feature prominently in their videos on the platform, most of which are mild pranks. Their most recent viral video, captioned “giving our kids BAD presents to see their reaction” is a good example.

Normally, the parents-pranking-kids genre is reprehensible (and popular) because the goal is to upset the kids and laugh at them, which is demented. This one, however, is going viral because their kids’ reactions are adorable.

When he receives a fetal doppler he enthusiastically tells his mom he loves it. Their daughter, who seems a bit savvier than her brother, gets an envelope with a bill in it and manages an “I don’t pay bills.” She is more enthusiastic about the can of Spam she receives later, but she can’t match her brother’s excitement at receiving a single massive sandal (his dad’s) or an orange, which he promptly sniffs.

The family made a couple more of these videos, which feature even more wholesome reactions from their son, who needs even less prompting to express his delight at receiving an avocado (“It’s a avocado! Thank you, mom! It’s a long avocado! [I’m] very hungry!”), a pinecone (“A pinecone! A new pinecone! It was a pinecone! I like all of pinecones! I love it!), and an apple (“A apple! I so happy about it!”).

To review: NFL dad, savvy social media mom, cute kids remains a good formula for getting views, especially when the pranks are harmless and the kids’ reactions are as pure as anything else on the internet.