This Baby’s First Year Was Documented With Pizza Slices

Warning: Don't look at this when you're hungry.

by Amanda Tarlton
Originally Published: 
Dani Leigh Photography/Instagram

For her newborn’s monthly milestone pictures, one Maryland mom swapped the traditional felt board for a box of pizza. Documenting each month of her son’s first year in slices, Dani Giannandrea’s photoshoot is now going viral on social media.

“The theme was inspired by my mom, Lorenzo’s grammy, saying that I had to do something Italian as an ode to his name,” Giannandrea, a Baltimore-based photographer who runs Dani Leigh Photography, told POPSUGAR.

“I had originally just thought about using pizza-shaped plates and just doing that in a pizza box every month but then I figured if we were going to do this, we may as well do it right and get dinner out of it once a month,” she said, joking, “Anything to make mommin’ easier.”

The series, posted to Giannandrea’s Instagram on February 15, includes 12 photos of young Lorenzo, from the day he was born to his first birthday, which was February 10. In each picture, which Giannandrea shot herself, her son lays on an opened cardboard pizza box with the number of slices that correspond to his age.

As for the Italian family’s pizza of choice? “We love our local pizza place, il Forno, in Frederick, so it seemed like a no-brainer,” the mom of two told POPSUGAR, adding that the restaurant’s “Pizza Bianca is where it is at.”

In the same interview, Giannandrea revealed that Lorenzo, who had severe reflux that prevented him from eating solid foods until he was seven months old, now shares his family’s pie obsession. “Enzo does love pizza! Thank goodness — I did wonder, ‘Man, it would be really sad if this whole reflux thing is actually a lactose problem the whole time we were taking these photos.'”

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