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Ashton Kutcher’s Solution to Balding? Embrace the Baseball Cap.

Most people probably wouldn't say Kutcher is going bald but his point about caps is valid.

Youtube Team Coco

Actor Ashton Kutcher is generally heralded as a beautiful person. And with a seemingly thick head of hair, one wouldn’t imagine balding as a concern that kept him up at night. Turns out, it does ⏤ or at least he’s thought about it. During a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, the 40-year-old dad brought up his receding hairline and offered a simple solution for going bald: wear baseball hats.

O’Brien led off the interview with praise of Kutcher’s hair, which prompted the actor to pull back his bangs back to show off his ‘hair loss.’ Viewers who are legitimately bald, or balding, may have wanted to throw something sharp at the television. But still, Kutcher has noticed some changes in his seemingly healthy head of hair and is thankful for his rep as a hat guy.

“I’ve established myself as a baseball cap wearing individual,” Kutcher told O’Brien. “When it does go, you’re not going to know it’s gone because I’m just gonna have the ball cap on.”

Kutcher explained that while he had been taking medicine to stimulate hair growth, he stopped three years ago. Only now though is he starting to notice it receding. Fortunately for everyone, Kutcher admitted that he is, in fact, a “no toupe” guy and would just adapt to having a bald head if that’s the direction things head.