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Dinosaurs Walk Among Us: Massive Gator Goes Viral In Florida

Golf course meets gator.

Gale winds were not the only force of nature to hit Florida this week. As if 2020 wasn’t already stressful enough, some might lose some sleep knowing that monster alligators apparently exist, according to a new viraland frankly apocalypticvideo. On Wednesday, Nov. 11, Tropical Storm Eta, which was briefly classified as a Category 1 Hurricane, created high winds off the coast of Tampa.

While tropical storms are typically a cause of concern in their own right, Eta seemed to unearth something particularly unsetting: a truly giant, dinosaur-like alligator haunting a golf course that looked as if it time-traveled directly from the primordial soup. In fact, it would frankly be more comforting if it was, somehow, an extremely life-like animatronic gator that had gotten dislodged from a Disney set piece. But no. It’s real.

Gators are common in Florida, even large ones. But this one was so massive it could have been mistaken for a piece of killer animatronics from the Jurassic World or Lake Placid set. Unfortunately, all signs point to this monster alligator being real, especially since it seems to walk like a regular alligator might. I mean, just look at this massive gator: 

Golfer Tyler Stolting, who shot the terrifying video while driving in a golf cart at the Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples, said, “I don’t even think the video does it justice. In-person it looked gigantic. It really looks like a Jurassic Park creature.” Floridians, be careful out there. The reptile seems entirely unfazed by the winds, rain, and people nearby, but clearly the internet took notice of the seemingly unusual alligator. 

Check out the video below.