All Dads Need To Watch This Graphic Video Of A Playdough C-Section

An awesome doctor, and mom, created a playdough tummy and walked her son through his own c-section birth. Kids and dads should watch it together.

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo
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Playdough can be an extremely educational tool for pretty much anything. But has it ever been used to give a gruesome, if kid-friendly and genius, tutorial on what a c-section birth looks like?

Well, if it wasn’t done before, it’s been done now. One brilliant doctor, otherwise known as YouTuber The Breakfasteur, who’s also a mom to a 4-year-old boy, used playdough to give a demonstration of what a Cesarean, or c-section, birth looks like to her son. And while the video skips all the goriest parts because it’s, well, done with playdough, it’s informative enough that it would clearly be beneficial to not just kids, but also adults and dads.

The informative video is essential viewing, especially for dads and kids, who’ll learn a ton about what a c-section birth looks like — except instead of blood, it’s playdough, and instead of a baby, a Spider-Man doll is welcomed into the world. The Breakfasteur’s channel is chock-full of useful, kid-approved playdough surgery content, including cyst removal, kidney transplant, cleft lip repair, and, of course, the c-section video. And part of what’s so innovative to her videos is that her son is typically involved with them, so mom teaches him about anatomy and he gets to learn in real-time, just with playdough instead of a patient.

The Breakfasteur began uploading videos to the channel four months ago, and as of the recent c-section video, which was uploaded on Saturday, Nov. 21, it seems like the 4-year-old has gotten to be fairly comfortable with basic surgical practices. In the course of the c-section, the son makes an incision on a round, playdough “stomach,” going through skin and fat and separating muscle, eventually revealing amniotic fluid made out of plastic wrap.

Her kid gleefully pulls out the Spider-Man baby and even learns to triumphantly cut the umbilical cord made out of a balloon. Throughout the educational yet sweetly entertaining video, folks can get to see the son learn about c-section birth, and he seems to enjoy the whole process. From a parent’s perspective, this video seems to be a genius way to merge science and play. The Breakfasteur’s son got to learn a little bit more about how he came into the world. But it’s also useful for anybody who wants to learn more about what a c-section is like, whether their wife had one, or whether they’re approaching an upcoming c-section themselves — and everyone should watch this essential viewing.

Watch the video below.

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