The Sequel to the Beloved Card Game Uno Has Arrived

It's name? Dos.

by Ben Marx
Originally Published: 

Mattel is rolling out a sequel to its popular card game UNO, and it’s being called the most appropriate title the company could possibly think of: DOS. After almost half a century of UNO being a mainstay of family game nights, you’ll soon have the option of playing a brand new spiritual successor.

DOS works similarly to its predecessor, but with one big twist hinted at by the game’s name. Players still compete using the familiar system of matching numbered and colored cards, but they can now make two piles of cards and can throw down two at a time instead of just one. Also, this time around players win after earning enough points, not by ditching all of their cards like in UNO. But, of course, similar to it’s predecessor, if you’re down to just two cards, you have to enthusiastically shout “DOS,” and if another player calls “DOS” before you do, you have to pick up two cards. New shiny look, same old brutality.

DOS is the first total reinvention of UNO since the original game was first introduced in 1971. While UNO‘s seen several versions of the years, including waterproof and Paw Patrol-themed editions, Mattel seems to have found an effective way to introduce players to a new game while honoring the old one for purists and newcomers alike.

DOS will go on sale for $5.99 exclusively at Target starting March 4, and it’ll be available at more retailers in August.

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