2nd Grade Zoom Chaos Revealed In Hilarious Viral Twitter Thread

This is maybe a teacher’s worst nightmare right now

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo
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A kid with orange headphones on a zoom call for class, a tweet about the class in front of him

Zoom can be finicky. And when you’re in the middle of teaching a remote class full of kids, that can sometimes pose a problem if Zoom stops working. One gripping tale, which was just posted on Twitter by author Stephanie Lucianovic, shows the hilarious chaos that can ensue when Zoom decides to quit. Social media has us laughing into the void right now, because humor is one of the few ways to cope with the absurdity of life during the pandemic.

In the Twitter thread, Lucianovic writes about a scene that apparently occurred while she was on Zoom yesterday with her second grader. She begins, “The 2nd grade teacher’s screen froze. The kids all told her that happened. No one could hear her. And then she disappeared and mass chaos has broken out.” What is this ‘mass chaos’? She explains, “There is screaming and babbling and someone is leaning really close and singing into their microphone and someone else keeps saying, ‘Who wants to see a diamond? Who wants to see a diamond? Who wants to see a diamond? Who wants to see a diamond?’” Lucianovic adds, “Someone is yelling that it’s dinner time (it’s not) and that they’re getting pizza” and “Someone is still screaming about seeing a diamond but they have added extra incentive: ‘MUTE YOURSELVES IF YOU WANT TO SEE A DIAMOND!’” She admits that she muted her kid because she wanted to see the diamond, of course! And in the midst of it all, one of the students somehow manages to take over the Zoom as “host.”

Sadly, however, there was no diamond to be found. But it still takes a dramatic turn! Lucianovic writes, “Another kid has announced that everyone “NEEDS TO LOOK OUTSIDE AT THE SKY RIGHT NOW!”” and her “2nd grader followed the order to LOOK OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW but in order to help his fellow students also follow the order, he turned his screen around to show them the OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW and knocked over his entire pencil bucket.” At that point, when the pencil bucket takes a dive, another parent on the Zoom (who also happens to be a teacher at the school) tried to take over as Zoom host. But the second grader wouldn’t give up as host, and the parent tries to get all the families to leave the meeting. Meanwhile, Lucianovic’s other kid has a loud PE class somewhere else in her house with lots of “crashes and bangs and shakes,” just to add to the whole mood.

Whew! Lucianovic correctly describes the situation as “#ZoomOftheFlies” and said, “I haven’t laughed so hard in so long.” Neither have we!

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