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20 Stress Fighting Techniques Real Dads Swear By

Looking for ways to destress in 2019? Here are 20 suggestions that dads from all walks of life say work for them.

fatherly logo How I Stay Sane

Raising a kid is a stressful endeavor. When your child is born, you instantly become responsible for the health and safety of a tiny, helpless being. As she gets older, financial, educational, and interpersonal stresses multiply, all on top of whatever is worrying you about your professional life and the world at large. It’s easy to feel strung-out, and unless you regularly take care of yourself, the parenting part of your life will get a lot harder. So it’s hugely beneficial to have something — a hobby, a ritual, a habit — that can help keep you grounded. “How I Stay Sane” is a weekly column where real dads talk about those things. Here’s what they shared this year.