I’m An Atheist And This Is What I’m Going To Teach My Kid About God

There's a way to do this respectfully.

by Andrew George
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Should parents teach their kids to believe in God?

I am an atheist, and I will teach my child about god. It’s not really a matter of should by itself, but what should a parent teach their child about god. Here’s some things I am currently teaching or plan to one day teach my 3-year-old in regards to god:

  • The majority of people in our country believe that a god exists.
  • No one has ever, in the history of our species (that’s been kept), presented evidence that any god has ever existed.
  • A lot of good is done by people who believe in god.
  • A lot of bad is done by people who believe in god.
  • I do not believe in a god, nor do I see any reason to believe in one.
  • You are free to believe what you want, but I’ll always challenge you on any belief you have, whether it agrees with mine or not. Not as a way to disagree you, but as a way to make sure you’ve really thought it through.
  • Religion appears to have been around for as long as we’ve been able to find any form of written record.
  • History shows that religions come and go and civilization evolves. Its likely a simple matter of time before the current ones go away.
  • 95% or so of your relatives believe in a god, and this is what they believe (proceed to explain their beliefs).
  • If you openly deny god exists in front of someone who thinks a god exists, that person will likely suddenly change and become nasty. Not always, mind you, but all too often.
  • You don’t need to hide what you believe or don’t believe, but you also shouldn’t go announcing it. Keep your actions and words appropriate, no matter where you are or who you’re with.

That’s going to be the gist of what I teach my son about god. I know an awful lot about Christianity, and am learning more about other religions every day. I will teach my son to think and evaluate ideas critically, and let him come to his own conclusions for the most part.I think indoctrinating him one way or the other deprives him of the ability to think critically, and also shows a lack of respect for him as an individual. Every parent can teach their kids what they want (to the legal extent of the law), but I prefer in this case to teach my child how to think, so he is able to decide on his own.

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