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99 Popular Baby Names to Avoid at All Costs

Save yourself — and your child — from a lifetime of regret.

Popular baby names are tempting, aren’t they? At the height of their popularity, the names of celebrities, fictional characters, and cultural icons seem to have an outsize beauty, power, and influence. Surely Game of Thrones couldn’t do anything to ruin the great name of Daenerys, right? For parents interested in bucking baby-naming trends, baby names plucked from popular culture can have a one-of-a-kind ring to them… unless thousands of other soon-to-be-parents are thinking along the same lines.

We get it: Baby girl name and baby boy names drawn from pop culture have a powerful allure; they let us share in the glamor, excitement and commonality of big cultural moments. But while some popular baby names may withstand the test of time, others will inevitably lose their special charge — or take on other, unwanted associations. Will this name seem like a great idea in five years? Eighteen? What about when you see the name on a diploma, wedding invitation, or award plaque?

If you’re considering a name inspired by your favorite show, celebrity, or mythical creature, consider these questions: When someone hears the name, how obvious will your inspiration be? Will your child’s name bring to mind a villain? Could the way the series finale plays out alter how you think about your child? Would a public scandal involving the person with that namesake cause you to be embarrassed to say your child’s name in public? Here are some fad-inspired names that are better avoided.

84 Popular Baby Names to Avoid at All Costs

  1. Apple
  2. Elsa
  3. Royal
  4. Moana
  5. Monroe
  6. Luna
  7. Manolo
  8. Dream
  9. Stormy
  10. Chanel
  11. Lulu
  12. Gigi
  13. True
  14. Sir
  15. Rumi
  16. Mercedes
  17. Angel
  18. Duke
  19. Lucky
  20. Eleven
  21. Angelica
  22. Daenerys
  23. Sia
  24. Jonas
  25. Kygo
  26. Creed
  27. Fox
  28. Zayne
  29. London
  30. Bianca
  31. Brenda
  32. Paris
  33. Khloe
  34. Maverick
  35. Archie 
  36. Khaleesi
  37. Gunner
  38. Blakely
  39. Remington
  40. Oaklee
  41. Colton
  42. Tiffany
  43. Ariana
  44. Aspen
  45. Blair
  46. Dominique
  47. Charity
  48. Crystal
  49. Doris
  50. Esperanza
  51. Ivy
  52. Faith
  53. Harper
  54. Bentley 
  55. Hunter
  56. North
  57. Saint
  58. Reign
  59. Destiny
  60. Hadley
  61. Carmen
  62. Braxton
  63. Lincoln
  64. Jaxxon
  65. Florence
  66. Heidi
  67. Brock
  68. Dallas
  69. Ezra
  70. Guy
  71. Harvey
  72. Hector
  73. Kareem
  74. Kai
  75. Kennedy
  76. Shane
  77. Spencer
  78. Hillary
  79. June
  80. Layla
  81. Nia
  82. Apollo
  83. Armand
  84. Bodhi
  85. Emma
  86. Ava
  87. Olivia
  88. Oliver
  89. Isabella
  90. Noah
  91. Lucas
  92. James
  93. William
  94. Sophia
  95. Elijah
  96. Charlotte
  97. Mason
  98. Liam
  99. Amelia
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