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Passing the Torch Trailer

“Passing the Torch” is a new documentary series by Fatherly, co-produced with I Want That by Hearst Digital Media. The series explores family businesses that are passed down from generation to generation and the family bonds that are created along the way. Together, we uncover how families have built their businesses by perfecting unique products.

As a parent, there are few greater forms of bonding with your child than sharing a passion. Especially when that passion becomes a family business. Throughout six episodes, we will share the experiences, history, and love of six father-child duos. We learn how the passion was passed down, see the pairs in action, and get a picture of how they bond outside the confines of the business. We will encounter the following families: the Kivels of Grand Central Watch, one of the oldest family-run watch-repair shops in New York; the Peragallos, of Peragallo Pipe Organ Company, a fourth-generation-run family-owned business that builds and repairs organs around the U.S.; the Miya family of Miya Shoji, a fourth-generation business of woodworking, founded in 1947 on the Japanese idea that minimal and natural things are the most beautiful; the Moscot family of Moscot, an eyewear brand that was first planted in America in 1899; the Tangs of Shorty Tang, the name for several family-owned restaurants featuring some of the most authentic Chinese home-style cooking in New York; and finally, the Zahler family, who have shared their love for pinball with one another and the world through their retro arcade in New York.