My Kid the Rock Star

In this episode of My Kid The, Fatherly explores the world of Aubrey Mills, an 11 year old Brooklyn music prodigy.

by Fatherly

Behind every incredible kid, there’s an amazing parent cheering them on from the sidelines. In Fatherly’s new series, “My Kid The…”, we’re putting the spotlight on these kids chasing their dreams despite the odds — and the ways their parents support them, no matter what. In this episode of “My Kid The…”, Fatherly explores the world of Aubrey Mills, an 11-year-old Brooklyn music prodigy.

Aubrey was born into professional music as both of his parents were in the cast of the Off-Broadway show STOMP. Aubrey is sensational in the sense that he does not only play the drums, but he is able to create music with almost any instrument or tool handed to him. From playing the drums, to clarinet, to piano, to guitar, tap dancing, and even singing, Aubrey is a rock star in every way possible.

He has followed in his father’s footsteps and demonstrates the same talents — though his father, Jason Mills, did not enforce this at all and claims it all happened naturally. The two are in a band together, called Yummy Sounds, where they perform for the first time at the famous venue, House of Vans in Brooklyn, New York. At the same time, Aubrey tries to pursue other things in life, including basketball, dancing, and acting.

In this episode of “My Kid The…”, we explore being born into your parents’ world and passing down the torch from father to son. We also look at the meaning of music in the Mills’ relationship, and at Aubrey having enough time to be a regular child.