7 Books About Mental Toughness to Help You Become More Resilient

Because we could all benefit from boosting our resilience these days.

by Fatherly
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Mental toughness and resilience are always necessary. But right now, the ability to handle whatever bumps, hurdles, and landmines life lays down in front of us is even more so. To be resilient means we don’t lose our heads when things don’t go our way. It means that we don’t shy away from physically or emotionally challenging situations. And that we don’t escape into negative coping mechanisms when the going gets tough. Want to build your resilience? Reading about resilience is a good, low-stakes start. There are a number of excellent mental toughness books from coaches, psychologists, and social scientists. The best offer insight into the science of being mentally tough as well as techniques to help you change your mindset and better face challenges. Here are seven to check out.

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