Listen to the Fatherly Podcast

Hosted by Fatherly Editor-at-Large Joshua David Stein, The Fatherly Podcast features open wide-ranging conversations with famous and notable men about how they take care of themselves, their families, and their children (not necessarily in that order). In addition to featuring a familiar father figure, each episode goes deep on a specific parenting issue, explaining the state of scientific research on topics as diverse as what kids see in mirrors, what happens when parents yell, and how to do hugs right. At the end of each episode, Joshua recommends a way to make your life as a parent just 3 percent more fun. After all, everyone wants to do just a little bit better.

Parenting changes people. That’s a good thing so long as they can be honest about that unpredictable transformation. The Fatherly Podcast is honest about it. Also, The Fatherly Podcast is kinda funny. It’s not always haha funny because raising kids isn’t like that. It sneaks up on you a bit. Like life.


EPISODE ONE: Ken Burns on War and Sons, Plus Jokes from a Six-Year-Old

The documentarian behind (but not responsible for) The Vietnam War and a significant portion of the PBS greatest hits album stopped by to talk about why kids should love and fear their country, how to make really good chicken, and what it means to be super intense even at home.

EPISODE TWO: Frank Grillo on Fighting, Plus a Musical Ode to Flu Season

The actor best known for surviving The Purge and beating up the good guys in The Avengers, talks about his new Netflix movie Wheelman, which is kind of about time management, and about how being a fighter made him a stronger, more compassionate guy.

EPISODE THREE: Tom Colicchio on Wrestling with the Past, Plus a 7-year-old Bowhunting Beauty Queen

The head judge from Top Chef talks about juggling his activism, his restaurants, and his three kids with The Fatherly Podcast. It gets super intense as Coliccho digs deep on his ambition to transform toxic restaurant culture, how hunger damages families, and how to raise kids kinda-sorta Jewish.

EPISODE FOUR: Nik Wallenda on Living Life on the Wire, Plus a Jazzy Children’s Book Reading

The seventh-generation tightrope walker opens up about self-doubt, family tragedy, and why he encouraged his son to join the Marines. Later, an experiment reveals the surprising connection between marshmallows and SAT scores, and a live musical performance reveals what’s cooking.

EPISODE FIVE: Talking Dad-Hood with Michael Strahan, Sterling K. Brown, and Stephen Chbosky

Hall-of-Famer Michael Strahan, “This Is Us”-star Sterling K Brown, and author Stephen Chbosky all sit down for The Fatherly Questionnaire. Each of the three guests talk honestly and deeply about their roles as fathers; answers offer revealing moments that catch both the guests and our host off guard.

EPISODE SIX: At Home With Writer Gay Talese, Plus a NSFW Card Game for Parents

Our host visits the legendary writer Gay Talese in his home to discuss famous fathers, famous sons, and the pain of becoming an ex-father in law. Plus, Josh Krisch finally answers whether it’s quality time or quantity of time that really matters for a child’s development.

EPISODE SEVEN: Mark Barden of Sandy Hook Promise on His Son, Daniel Barden

We mark the fifth anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School by listening to one father, Mark Barden, remember his son, Daniel Barden, one of the twenty children killed that day. In this episode, we remember a lost child through the words of his father.

EPISODE EIGHT: John Legend on Giving Children a Better Future, Plus the Truth About Daddy Issues

This episode we visit John Legend, producer, musician, activist, father of Luna and husband of Chrissy. Legend opens up about his own childhood, the dangers of misunderstanding the history and making his daughter giggle. Also Fatherly’s science editor on the longtail effect of crappy parenting.

EPISODE NINE: Chef Massimo Bottura on Cooking With Kids, Plus the Science of Tantrums

In the final episode of the first season, our host sits down with Massimo Bottura, who runs one of the best restaurants in the world. The chef opens up about raising his son Charlie, who is developmentally disabled, and how creativity takes all forms. Also, Fatherly’s science editor explains why all tantrums are basically the same.