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Dude To Dad: Episode One “New Dad on the Vlog”

Comedian Evan Kaufman is a new Dad. He's documenting his journey for Fatherly's newest video series.

Welcome to Dude to Dad, Fatherly’s new weekly video series about one man’s journey into the heart of parenting. I’m Evan Kaufman, semi-professional comedian, Brooklynite, and the titular “Dude” who will pupate into a Dad.

Above is episode one. I recorded this in my unborn child’s nursery a few months ago. I miss the guy in this video. He is me, but I am no longer him. This guy looks well rested. He checks on his pregnant wife, panics about changing diapers. He knows his life is about to change… but he has no fucking idea.

I’m making this series to showcase the realities of fatherhood, the big and little things that occur when you say goodbye to your old life in order to start a new one. (That sounds serious so, in the interest of maintaining perspective, let’s remember that my wife gave birth to a child and I’m giving birth to a web series.)

Still, it’s a damn fine web series and I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, you can always berate me in the comments section. Just remember: I am very tired.

This is Dude to Dad.