Being a Dad means making up dumb songs. We want to hear yours.


Dude Turned Dad Episode Nineteen: "Homemade Lullaby Challenge" - Fatherly

by Evan Kaufman
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The best part about being a new father is indulging in unfettered silliness. As an incorrigible ham, getting to entertain my newborn round the clock is a freakin’ blast. Fart noises, funny faces, gold, Jerry. GOLD. But my go-to and by far my favorite is the on-the-spot improvised super stupid made up song.

For every dad-tivity there’s a song. Are we putting on a tiny little jacket? Time for a tiny jacket ditty. He’s eating a banana? You know we’re dipping into a baby-fied cover of Gwen Stefani’s Holla Back Girl. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Tubby time is a one-man karaoke party and my son is the patient guy in the corner flipping through the songbook, waiting for me to relinquish the mic.

There comes a time in every new parent’s life when a small voice drops into their inner monologue and whispers, “Does everyone do this?” These usually happen in times of great struggle. For example, the first time your baby pees directly into your face. Does everyone do this? And so it was with the songs. I was under the impression that around the world parents were starting every diaper change with a Sondheim-esque tune. Then I spoke to a friend who informed me, “You’re creative.* Not everyone does that.”

*An asshole who craves attention.

But like all creative* people (see above) I didn’t believe my friend and thought there might be more to the story. So for this week’s episode of Dude Turned Dad we’re putting the band back together. The baby band. I know there are parents out there singing super stupid adorable songs … and I want to hear them.

Take a video or record yourself and send them to The best song (as ranked by Pitchfork. Kidding. I’m going to review them and pick the dumbest one) will get some sweet Fatherly swag. The rest of the songs? I think there’s an opportunity for an album.

The best part of parenting is getting to be super silly. The other best part is sharing that giddy, punchy feeling with other parents. So share that little song snippet you hum when your bundle of joy is dropping off to sleep. Let’s make some beautiful music.

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