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Dude Turned Dad Episode 34 | ASMR For New Parents

New parents need to be soothed. So we made you the ultimate ASMR video.

You soothe. You sing. You try and bring your baby peace. But what about you, dear parent? How do you relax and unwind? What meditation app do you queue up? Yoga practice you sleepwalk through? Who measures your circadian rhythms and makes sure you throw some cucumber slices on your eyes?

It’s me. Dude Turned Dad. I’m here to offer you the relaxation you so badly need. A new form of self-care: The ASMR video. A long growing YouTube sub-genre, ASMR has finally broken into the mainstream. Auto Sensory Meridian Response is the art of whispering into microphones. Meditative voices, small pops, crunches. All into a microphone and all to provide a tranquil alternative to your non-tranquil life.

So I made one for us. Presenting, ASMR For New Parents! The only ASMR video on the internet for soothing frazzled new moms and dads. Listen to the tapping of a baby bottle. Enjoy the scratch of your three hundredth muslin blanket. Use this video to get your baby to sleep. Or to understand that they will never sleep.

I hope this video brings you the peace that you so deserve. Listen closely. Do you hear that crumbling? It’s the sound of your old life.