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Coolest Dads 2019: Ryan Reynolds and the Rise of Superheroic Dads

Being a hero isn't enough any more. You've got to fly (or shoot straight).

We live in the age of the superhuman. Not content to look up to our heroes, we look skyward for hope and find it in fiction. But the real people in the CGI suits still have to deadlift the profound weight of expectations. In dressing like saviors, they volunteer for a bigger job. The men on this list, each gifted with charisma, humor, and biceps for days, make saving us from ourselves look fun. We’ve watched these men do the impossible and believed our eyes because we understand that they have something a bit extra, a bit more glint in the eye and a bit more strength in the jaw. 

All that said, the dudes on this list aren’t just gym rats. They’re huggers. Seriously. Google any one of them and you’ll see a cascade of embraces. Why? Because being the best of us requires liking the rest of us. And these guys do. They really do.