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Coolest Dads 2019: Travis Scott and the Dad Rappers

The "hoes in different area codes" ethos of the music industry is over. Long live the dad tour.

The shortest distance between Point A and happiness is a great beat. The best way to make an idea stick is a great lyric. The fastest way to build a community is sudden bass drop. The men on this list aren’t just artists, they are bond builders. They get us moving together, hypnotizing us into sharing big moments. They are singers and rappers and strummers, but they’ve all got the same job at the end of the day and that’s to make us think… hell, yeah. And these guys are exceptional at that job. 

What makes musicians cool? Hard to say. They’ve always been cool. But what makes these musicians cool is their commitment to their own styles. These guys deliver songs no one else could. And they do so with swagger.