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Coolest Dads 2019: Dan Reynolds and the Cool Dads Kids Love

Children have their own ideas about what makes men cool.

Gravity exerts a different force on children, pulling them toward certain beats, memes, and jokes adults might ignore or fail to notice. The people on this list — masked, plasticine, brilliant, strange — have a feel for those things. They know how to make them and how to share with them. They are Pied Pipers after a fashion, but we’re fine with it. We trust these guys and we like these guys and, sure, the 50th time we hear their songs or catchphrases, it’s a bit frustrating, but we know it could be sosososososo much worse. We’re thankful for the men on this list because they keep kids laughing and dancing and they keep us from worrying. That’s not a small trick.

And, yeah, we know LEGO Batman isn’t real. But, when it comes down to it, isn’t he?