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Coolest Dads 2019: Jordan Peele and the Dads Changing America

Ultimately, the most important thing we leave for our kids is a legacy. These men's legacies will last.

In the age of angel investment, the only thing left to disrupt is family dinner — or the idea of disruption. That’s a bit meta, but the reality right now is that the most radical thing an inventor, entrepreneur, or artist can do is cut the gimmicks and the cleverness and the genuine bloodsucking fraud and, instead, deliver something that’s just plain better. Better made. Better thought out. Better. That’s what the men on this list do, and that’s why everyone in their very different spheres of influence wants to pass them the ball. 

A lot of ink has been spilled on the idea that we live in the age of the scam. But we also live in the age of the real deal. These guys are the real deal and they are going to change our culture and our world for the better.