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Coolest Dads 2019: Roy Wood Jr. and the Dads of Comedy

There's nothing wrong with a good dad joke. But these guys have a slightly more sophisticated approach.

What do we still make in America? Cars in Michigan. Washers and dryers in Ohio. Jokes everywhere. The great American export is and always has been humor. That’s what we manufacture. That’s what we package up and ship out to the waiting world. Why are we so funny? Why do we have the edge on everyone in the laughs category? Well, for one, we’re ridiculous. In a country built on good intentions, hubris, and contested soil, it makes sense that comedians would rule.

The men on this list, honest and mischievous and just a little bit mean, do exactly that. They unite us with punchlines and bits. That feeling of laughing together? Yeah, we still make that.