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Coolest Dads 2019: Virgil Abloh and the Age of Dad Fashion

These men are making sure that, if nothing else, the world we leave for our children will be beautiful.

Any parent who has watched a kid relish the look of a hand-me-down knows the profound power of design. Any parent that has ever saved a scribble thinking it showed promise knows the profound power of art. We share beauty with the people that we love so it feels only right that we should love the people most gifted at producing beauty, whether in the form of clothes, or art, or moments. The men on this list do just that and they do it exceptionally well and, strange as it may sound, exceptionally consistently. These aren’t one-hit wonders. These are guys whose work is going to stay with us because it matters.

And it will stay with our kids, too. Whatever sort of world we leave our kids, let’s make sure it’s beautiful.